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You, your friend and everyone is interested in always looking great. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, we can come to the clear conclusion that we all care for the health of our hair a great deal. Taking good care of your hair may take a little more than you think, but it all starts with your effort. These are the five tips Bliss Salon will share for the care of our client’s hair.

Does your diet influence the health of your hair?

To your surprise, yes. A persons diet is a very big factor to the overall well-being of the body, and a lot of people do not understand that the hair is also very much affected by the things that we intake. Because the hair cells are the least required for survival, they tend to be the quickest to deteriorate, and if our dieting habits are poor, those cells are the first ones to take a beating.

Nothing to be concerned about, if the hair cells are very fast to deteriorate, they are also very quick to grow. A protein and iron diet will be the first step to gain healthy and vibrant looking hair.  So if you include foods that are rich in iron and protein like fish, beans, cereals, soybeans and chickpeas, your hair will benefit from it.

Also consider combing your hair with extreme caution and care while it is wet, typically it is at its weakest when the threads are wet.

Hair split ends

Always make sure to trim the ends of your hair to get rid of split ends. Some people do not know this, but rinsing conditioner off with cold water strangeness your hair and it gives it an extra shine.

Although giving yourself a new look is very important, it is best if you avoid dying your hair. The chemicals involved really take a toll on the health of your hair.

However, if you do not resist the temptation, keep in mind that you may need to give your hair extra attention and care. You can give your hair the extra attention by applying protective serums and deep conditioning.

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