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Curl Corps Defining Cream for Curly Hair

Curl Corps Defining Cream for Curly Hair


a hair styling cream that moisturizes, softens + enhances curls.

who it's for

anyone with natural curls, coils, and waves!

why it's special

  • your best curlfriend - define your curls + coils with this moisturizing styling cream. the lightweight, luxe formula provides bouncy, beautiful curls that last.
  • oat peptide - extracted from oat kernel, oat peptide forms a protective barrier on hair which locks in moisture to deliver shine + a silky feel.
  • encourages curl formation - this cream softly coaxes curls into their natural shape, bringing out the best of every hair texture.
  • leaves curls touchable - no crunch here! this styling cream keeps strands soft, but defined.
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